What Makes the Dr. Performance Module Different From Diesel Chips?

Posted on July 25 2018

What Makes the Dr. Performance Module Different From Diesel Chips?

What Makes the Dr. Performance Module Different From Diesel Chips?

If you are in the market for a diesel performance module, you know just how crowded the market is. A quick search online will return hundreds or thousands of results. Each of these companies promises to give you more power and speed but at what cost? When you choose a Dr. Performance module for your truck, you’re getting a product that has been tuned by a professional — Dr. Performance himself, Barry Sadler — who has years of experience making your truck run better without putting it at risk of damage. Read on to find out why Dr. Performance modules are the only choice you need to make to improve your diesel engine. If you’re ready to get one of these incredible engine tunes for yourself, browse our site to find the one that is made just for your truck.

The Dr. Performance Engine Module Gives You More Power

While power is usually the name of the game when it comes to most diesel modules, the Dr. Performance module is special because it knows not only how to unlock the power but where to concentrate it. Most chip makers like to boost up the higher ends of the RPM spectrum to give you more speed, but what they tend to ignore (or forget) is that most acceleration, and most of the RPMs that you normally drive within, are much lower. Instead of focusing on the higher RPMs, Dr. Performance focuses on the daily driving zone of your diesel engine. Not only do we spend the most time driving within that range, our engine module gets you into that sweet spot more quickly. This faster rise in torque is palpable and it carries another benefit...

The Dr. Performance Module Gives You Better Gas Mileage

Not only will your truck feel more powerful, but it will also have better gas mileage. How is that possible, you ask? It’s really pretty simple: there is an RPM range in every engine that uses fuel most efficiently. This range also happens to be the same range where most of your driving takes place (the daily driving zone we mentioned before). By making sure your truck gets to that zone more quickly, you will be running more efficiently sooner than you would be if you were using the stock engine tune.

What Does All of This Mean For Me?

Are you ready for some numbers? If you pick up a Dr. Performance module, you can see an average increase of 60 to 70 horsepower and between 100 and 120 ft/lbs of torque (depending on your elevation). How’s that for some power?

In terms of fuel efficiency, we’ve seen evidence from our customers that they’re seeing between 10 and 20 percent increases in their fuel economy.

Save yourself some gas money and increase your engine’s power today with a Dr. Performance module! Our modules and tunes are safe for your engine, they increase power and fuel economy, and they won’t void your warranty like many other tunes and chips will do. Shop with Dr. Performance now!

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