Can Diesel Performance Chips Help Reduce Emissions?

Posted on September 16 2021

Can Diesel Performance Chips Help Reduce Emissions?

Do Diesel Performance Chips Reduce Emissions?

Drivers interested in increasing their vehicle’s power and torque often turn to performance chips. These small aftermarket parts can have a massive impact on your engine. But people considering these products often ask themselves, “Can diesel performance chips help reduce emissions?” In this article, we’ll explore performance chips. We’ll learn what they can do, what they do not do, and, most importantly, what effect they have on a vehicle’s emissions.

What Are Performance Chips?

Modern vehicle engines function using computers. Inside these computers are chips that communicate how and when to change the vehicle’s timing, turbo boost, fuel-to-air ratio, and other things.

Performance chips are aftermarket products that change vehicles’ parameters to improve their torque and engine power.

Do They Help Reduce Emissions?

But can diesel performance chips help reduce emissions? Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are downsides to performance chips. They’ll void your vehicle’s warranty, for one. And since you’re increasing your power, the chip will make your engine use fuel faster. This change will make your vehicle less efficient.

Another downside to performance chips is they can increase your insurance costs. Furthermore, if your chip doesn’t have proper programming, your engine won’t live as long. But all of these are minor trade-offs compared to the increased torque, power, and engine response you gain with them.

Installing Performance Chips

It’s easy to install performance chips. Most of the time, you only need to open a cover under the dashboard. From there, you can remove the factory chip and replace it with a performance chip. You can buy chips programmed for your model, make, and engine type. Before installing any chips into your vehicle, make sure you do your online research to ensure you get the correct one. Not all chips are equal.

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