Better Mileage, Longevity, and Performance from Diesel Engines – Dr Performance RX

Why Dr. Performance?

We are excited to announce the return of "The Original Dr. Performance," Barry Sadler — owner and founder.

Dr.Performance holds 13 World Records earned in El Mirage, the Bonneville Salt Flats, Pikes Peak, and at diesel drag races. We are the innovator and builder of the only proven diesel performance chips and other products designed to make your diesel truck run faster and more efficiently.

We build diesel performance chips and products that are perfect for heavy towing trucks, daily drivers, and even race trucks. Millions of Dr. Performance products have been sold because they do not leave a footprint on your ECM, and because they will help improve your MPG, HP, and torque.

Follow us as Dr. Performance continues to develop the newest and greatest diesel performance products once again!


Jack Rhodes

I recently purchased the Dr. Performance Module for my 2016 Ram 2500 and I love it. At +60hp I noticed a decent increase in power early and a smooth ride. At +100HP It is a new animal. It accelerates at the rate of a sedan! It. Just. Goes. Hardly any turbo lag!

Scott Hartley

Dr. Performance is the best product I have had on any of my trucks. I don't believe there are better products made for Diesel Pickups! My trucks MPG went from 22 to 24 MPG with a 3/4 ton quad cab 4x4 using Fuel Pumps and Injectors! 

I must say it also has all the power I could possibly ask for! Been a customer since 2001 in Spokane Valley! I believe in the Dr!

Seth Davenport

I recently put a Dr. Performance Module on my 2016 F250.

The fuel mileage while towing is night and day! Plus the bottom end power is awesome for taking off with a heavy load!

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