Can a Performance Chip Damage My Truck’s Transmission?

Posted on October 08 2021

Can a Performance Chip Damage My Truck’s Transmission?

Can a Performance Chip Damage My Truck’s Transmission?

Among the many questions that leave truck drivers scratching their heads is, “Can a performance chip damage my truck’s transmission”? We all know performance chips are game-changers. These magical little devices can make a world of difference to a truck’s torque and horsepower. They are so amazing that it is no wonder why some might suspect they are too good to be true, or that they may possess hidden negative traits. In this article, we will explore these suspicions and hopefully gain a better general understanding of performance chips.


The short answer to the question, “Can a performance chip damage my truck’s transmission?” is a simple no. As it increases the machine’s horsepower, performance chips do not damage a truck’s transmission or engine. The power is generated harmlessly, by adjusting the ignition timing and air to fuel ratio.

How They Help the Transmission and Engine

Performance chips not only cause zero harm to your transmission, but they also often protect your transmission by properly regulating the engine. You may experience premature combustion if you have a lean running air to fuel ratio, or if your time has gone too far beyond dead center. This detonation could lead to engine damage over time. With a performance chip reducing the chances of detonation, you can drive more confidently, knowing the problem is under control.

Why Don’t Trucks Come With These Chips?

If performance chips are so wonderful, if they can so greatly improve a truck’s efficiency and speed, then why don’t truck manufacturers simply build them into the trucks right when they come off the assembly line? This is a common question.

The truth is, most trucks are not made for serious motorists, but for the average driver. Only pickup drivers who want an exceptional amount of torque, use high octane fuel, and demand efficiency really need the benefits provided by a performance chip.

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