What Do Diesel Performance Modules Do? Part Two

Posted on July 04 2018

What Do Diesel Performance Modules Do? Part Two

What Do Diesel Performance Modules Do? Part Two

In our last entry we covered the basics of what gives an engine its power and how a diesel performance module works to change certain ways that the engine works in order to make it run in a way to maximize speed or towing power. Today we will discuss why the Dr. Performance module is different than many of the other diesel modules out there and why our system makes more sense than our competitor’s tunes. If you’re ready for the best way to improve your fuel efficiency, pick up a Dr. Performance module today!

Why Is My Stock Diesel Engine Not That Powerful or Fuel Efficient?

One of the reasons that we purchase diesel trucks is because we know just how efficient and long lasting these trucks can be. Another draw of the diesel is its power and its ability to tow heavy loads and get where you need to be quickly. So why is it that when you buy a new diesel truck it feels sluggish, like it isn’t performing the way that it should be? The reason is complicated but it can be boiled down to this: emissions standards that the manufacturers have to meet in order to have their trucks legal to sell mean the the engines need to basically be down-tuned. Unfortunately, most manufacturers take it a little too far and the de-tuning ends up gutting what are incredibly powerful and efficient engines.

What a diesel performance module does it change the way the engine is running in order to increase power or fuel efficiency. This is where things start to get fairly complicated. While today’s engines are able to be tuned without ever touching the engine physically, many companies who make chips and modules don’t quite understand the confluence of incredibly complicated processes that go into making an engine function properly. Many module and tuning companies offer performance modules that say they give your engine more power but they might have designed their tune to work better for towing than racing, or vice versa, and this can cause problems when you try to use the truck under normal conditions or for the conditions that run counter to the aim of the tune.

Some companies offer products that are designed to increase driving power and overall speed by increasing what they call “peak power” — the higher RPM zones. While it might make sense to increase the high end in order to improve speed, it ignores the fact that most of the time you’re driving, even at high speeds, your RPMs are hanging out in the 1,400-2,000 RPM range. This range of RPMs is where your engine is not only most fuel efficient but also where most of your power comes from. Many other tunes shoot right past these RPMs to show you that yes, your engine CAN run at higher RPMs without thinking about why it shouldn’t be running in that range.

The Dr. Performance Module is Different

Because we understand how engines run, we know where you want your truck’s RPMs to be. By creating a tune that gets your truck to its peak efficiency faster, our module not only makes your truck accelerate faster, it gets you more miles to the gallon, and gives you more towing power. Thanks to lots of research and experience with diesel trucks and tuning diesel engines, we have found a tune that not only creates, on average, a 10 percent to 20 percent increase in fuel economy but also adds anywhere from 60 to 70 horsepower and 100 to 120 ft/lbs of torque all without increasing emissions! With our performance module, you’ll feel that performance. Your truck will run better than it did when it was brand new because we have removed the overly-restrictive controls that have kept its power shackled under the hood.

In what is perhaps the most astonishing factor of all, the Dr. Performance module won’t void your warranty. Unlike other chips and tunes that leave fingerprints all of your factory computer, the Dr. Performance is undetectable. This means that in case something on your truck breaks that has nothing to do with the performance module, the dealer won’t be able to refuse to fix your truck because of a voided warranty from applying a sloppy tune.

If you’re ready to have the truck that you thought you were getting from the second you walked on the lot, pick up a Dr. Performance module from us today! We offer tons of performance modules for many newer-model trucks from many different companies. Our goal has always been to offer you the best prices on the best products. When you choose Dr. Performance you can rest easy knowing that you have lots of research and support behind everything that we build and sell.

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