What Does a Muffler Delete Do?

Posted on May 13 2021

What Does a Muffler Delete Do?

What Does a Muffler Delete Do?

For people who want to have a powerful, loud, and statement-making vehicle, they must get a muffler delete system. A muffler delete system can make your truck sound just like a race car when revving and, for some older vehicles, offer a substantial boost in horsepower. Are you asking yourself, “what does a muffler delete do?” We'll spell out everything you need to know about mufflers and muffler deletes below.

What's a Muffler? What Does Deleting It Do?

The muffler decreases the amount of noise the engine makes. If you delete the muffler, it will make the engine’s sound louder. You can "delete" a muffler in one of two ways: by removing the muffler entirely or by installing a muffler delete pipe.

Most modern vehicles come pre-equipped with a muffler, but it isn't a necessary part of the exhaust system. In most places, you can legally delete the muffler. Deleting the muffler won't increase emissions, which means muffler-less vehicles don’t violate emission standards. However, some places may have laws that prohibit having a modified exhaust at all or even rules that dictate how much noise a vehicle can produce. Make sure you check your local laws before proceeding with a muffler delete.

Benefits of Muffler Delete Systems

So, what does a muffler delete do for your vehicle? There are two main benefits of deleting the muffler. This modification will provide your vehicle with a more aggressive exhaust sound and can even improve horsepower for some vehicles.

More Noise

A muffler delete works by opening the taps in the exhaust system, which improves exhaust flow and makes the engine more boisterous. For many, there's nothing more satisfying than a loud vehicle. A louder revving noise will make your vehicle seem sportier and more powerful, which makes muffler delete systems the perfect mod if you want to show off your vehicle's unmatched style and performance.

More Horsepower

If your vehicle is on the older side, you might even experience a boost in horsepower. This is because older mufflers were more restrictive than newer mufflers. Deleting these outdated mufflers will improve exhaust flow and reduce engine back-pressure, and, in turn, provide the engine with more horsepower at higher RPMs.

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