Make Your Diesel Truck Better, Faster, and More Efficient!

Posted on August 23 2018

Make Your Diesel Truck Better, Faster, and More Efficient!

Make Your Diesel Truck Better, Faster, and More Efficient!

If you own a Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Ford, or Nissan diesel truck, you have probably felt that it had more under the hood than it was letting on. With a diesel performance module from Dr. Performance, you can unlock more horsepower, torque, and better mileage! Our unique modules come programmed with a tune perfected by Dr. Barry Sadler that will let your truck be the hauling, four-wheeling, fun-to-drive beast that it was always meant to be. Check out our online store now for the full range of modules that we offer. Each one is built for a specific engine because we know better than to think that every truck is built the same. Read on for more information about how our diesel engine tunes can help your truck!

More Horsepower and Torque

Modern trucks have some of the most powerful engines that have ever been built but, even with their incredible specs, sometimes they feel a little sluggish. This is due to restrictive limits placed on these engines by the manufacturers. While some of these limits are for good reasons — reducing the risk of mechanical damage and to prevent the release of unnecessarily large amounts of exhaust — it can make you feel like you paid a lot of money for not a lot of power. However, if you pick up a Dr. Performance module today you will experience:

  • Increased horsepower (up to 100 more horsepower)
  • Increased torque (increase up to 35 percent)
  • The Dr. Performance tune adds extra power where you need it most, not just at the high end of the RPM range.

Better Gas Mileage

Today’s trucks need a lot of horsepower and torque to be able to keep them moving. Unfortunately, the way that most trucks are geared from the plant makes them feel weak and can hurt your gas mileage. The tune in the Dr. Performance module increases low- and mid-range power for a more fun drive and better mileage! Increasing power in these ranges also makes your truck get up to speed faster and your throttle will feel more responsive!

Keeps Your Warranty Intact

At Dr. Performance, we know how important it is to have a warranty on your truck. With our performance modules, you can experience all the benefits that our tune offers and then reset the computer back before you go if for a service.

Our modules DO NOT leave a fingerprint on the ECU(Engine Control Unit.) This means that you can take your truck in for services (oil changes, tune-ups, etc.) and they won’t be able to tell that you have modified your truck, which means they can’t void your warranty.

Find the Dr. Performance module that was built for your engine today and unlock your truck’s true diesel power! All of our modules are equipped with OEM connectors for fast and easy tuning and when you buy one of our tunes, you will receive updates for as long as we make them. Check out our site for installation instructions as well as an FAQ section where we answer some common questions!

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