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Do you know most of your performance issues are caused by worn fuel injectors?


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You can add after-market lift pumps, upgrade your injection pump, or replace your turbo.... but if your injectors are worn and not giving you optimal atomization then you are never going to achieve your desired results. To counteract this, check out the aftermarket diesel fuel injectors for sale by Dr. PerformanceRX.

Today's extremely high-pressure injectors wear the internal components faster than ever before.... most stock injectors are worn out between 70-150K miles. Plus... when the injector plunger does not seat properly you fail to achieve optimal injection pressure and you begin to experience performance and fuel mileage losses.

Dr.PerformanceRx has been a pioneer in the diesel performance industry for more than 20 years. Our
 expertise in fuel injection has led to over eight "land-speed" world records in diesel equipped vehicles. 

All these World Records were the direct result of Dr.PerformanceRx R&D of modifications to injection systems.

If you are suspecting your lack of power or fuel mileage may be being caused by your injectors give Dr. PerformanceRx a call and ask us about our Twister Series Injectors. Our aftermarket diesel fuel injectors are not remanufactured; they are 100% new and ready to be installed in your truck to help it operate correctly and most efficiently.

DrPerformanceRx is one of the few companies to actually do an ISO 9001 Fuel Consumption Test on his Twister Series Injectors with a 21% gain average and a 28% gain high.  This same injector technology Dr.Sadler used to set records you can use to have the sweetest running diesel you have ever drove.  
Don't settle for reman injectors that have flooded the market... 

Get the BEST from the BEST!

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