What Is a Fuel Injector Used For?

Posted on February 26 2021

What Is a Fuel Injector Used For?

What Is a Fuel Injector Used For?

The performance of your diesel-powered vehicle is heavily dependent on the design of its injection system. The main purpose of the fuel injection system is to efficiently deliver fuel to the cylinders of the engine, but the way the fuel is delivered can affect engine performance, emissions, and noise characteristics. The fuel injection system consists of multiple components and serves multiple functions, but fuel injectors play the biggest role. In this guide, we'll go over the question: What is a fuel injector used for?

What's a Fuel Injector?

The fuel injectors are small, mechanical components that make sure the engine is receiving the perfect amount of fuel at any given moment. They deliver the fuel as a fine mist directly into the intake manifold in front of the intake valve. The complexities and variations of this part can vary between engine models.

How Does It Work?

Now that you know what is a fuel injector used for, you might be wondering: How does it work? The injection needles detect when the injection pressures reach 30,000 PSI, and signal for the system to break down the fuel into a fine mist. The pressure triggers the injection valves to open, which allows the fuel to flow. It starts in the lower chamber, where the fuel passes through small holes that break it down into smaller particles. The reason the fuel converts into a mist-like state is because fuel broken down into this form is much easier to burn. Once the process is complete, the timing valve cuts the pressure off and closes the valve. When the pressure builds back up, the valves will open again and release more fuel.

What Are the Different Types?

You can find fuel injectors in a variety of different types. For your vehicle to perform at its best, make sure to purchase injectors that are the right type and size. If you install an injector that doesn’t suit your vehicle, the engine will struggle to receive the right amount of fuel, which can impact performance. In a worst-case scenario, the system could even fail.

Most performance issues occur due to worn-down or incorrectly sized fuel injectors. If you're experiencing a lack of power, reduced fuel mileage, or other problems associated with worn-down injectors, Dr. PerformanceRX can help you with a set of our aftermarket diesel fuel injectors. Come and shop with us today!

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