Reasons Your Truck Is Losing Fuel Mileage

Posted on July 02 2021

Reasons Your Truck Is Losing Fuel Mileage

Reasons Your Truck Is Losing Fuel Mileage

Going to the gas station for snacks? You’re feeling pumped up and ready to find something delicious to munch on after a long drive. Going to the gas station for fuel? Chances are, you’re dreading the amount of money it’s going to take to fill your tank.

Nobody likes paying an exorbitant amount at the gas station. Nobody likes visiting the gas station a dozen times a day, either. If you’re tired of how much you frequent the gas station and how much money you spend there, it might be time to take a close look at your vehicle’s fuel economy. Fuel economy refers to how much fuel your vehicle consumes over a given distance. The less fuel it uses, the better.

Many things can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy, from your driving habits to bad or faulty parts. Has your fuel economy dropped suddenly and sharply? Here are some reasons your truck is losing fuel mileage and how to deal with them.

The Tire Pressure

Are your tires underinflated? Or are they overinflated? Does each one have a different tire pressure? The wrong tire pressure can wreak havoc on the fuel economy of your vehicle. Your tires can’t have a pressure that’s too high or pressure that’s too low—the pressure needs to be just right in order to achieve maximum fuel economy.

The mistake that most people make is referencing the “maximum pressure” number stamped on the tire instead of the manufacturer’s recommendation for ideal air pressure, which you’ll find on the doorplate on the driver’s side.

The Motor Oil

The next reason your truck is losing fuel mileage is that you’re using the wrong weight or type of motor oil. The kind of motor oil you use can have a huge impact on fuel economy. For optimal fuel economy, check the owner’s manual to find motor oil recommendations for your vehicle. Can’t locate this information? Go with synthetic oil, ideally one that’s high in friction reduction.

The Fuel Injectors

Did you know that bad fuel injectors are one of the most common causes of performance problems? The fuel injectors supply the engine with fuel that it uses during the combustion process (which is the process that creates the energy needed to power your engine).

If the injectors are clogged, damaged, or leaking, fuel will have a harder time getting to the engine. And the less fuel that the engine receives, the worse the fuel economy and overall performance will be.

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