The Best Ford Diesel Performance Upgrades

Posted on June 29 2021

The Best Ford Diesel Performance Upgrades

The Best Ford Diesel Performance Upgrades

There are multiple reasons why Fords are some of the best-selling pick-up trucks in America. They're known for having exceptional durability, strength, and power. But even though these trucks are splendidly engineered, there remains room for improvement.

Want to take your Ford to the next level of performance? Here are some of the best Ford diesel performance upgrades. These mods aren't just effective—they're simple and inexpensive to do.

Performance Module

Do you feel like your Ford is concealing some sort of hidden power deep within? That's because it is. Most manufacturers down-tune their vehicles in order to meet emission standards, but this is often done excessively. Luckily, you can remove these unnecessary restrictions on your vehicle by installing a diesel performance module.

These modules work by accessing and altering various parameters in the ECU, including the amount and pressure of the fuel injected into the engine. This results in better fuel economy and performance. The best part? Unlike tuners, modules won't void your manufacturer's warranty.

A New Air Intake

The engine needs oxygen to generate power. Air intakes are crucial components that allow oxygen-rich air to reach the engine, where it's used during the combustion process.

But not all intakes work the same. Some allow more air to enter the engine than others. More air means more oxygen, more oxygen means more fuel, and more fuel means more power. Installing a brand-new intake will dramatically improve airflow and engine performance.

For extra power, go with a cold air intake. These intakes cool down the air before it enters the engine. Cold air has a higher oxygen density than warm air, which means your engine will get more oxygen to produce more fuel.

Turbo Upgrade

Do you want unmatched power? One of the best Ford diesel performance upgrades you can make is a turbo upgrade. Air is important to the engine. Turbos force more air into the engine than normal, resulting in the production of extra fuel and extra power.

Has your Ford been acting sluggish? Or do you feel like you spend too much time and too much money at the gas station? Upgrading your existing turbo or installing one on your naturally aspirated engine can make all the difference in terms of performance and fuel economy.

Are you looking for Ford Powerstroke performance parts to boost the performance of your Ford? Dr. PerformanceRX carries high-quality diesel performance parts, including diesel modules and our Twisted Series Injectors. Come and shop with us today!

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