Reasons To Add an Exhaust Brake To Your Diesel Truck

Posted on March 05 2021

Reasons To Add an Exhaust Brake To Your Diesel Truck

Reasons To Add an Exhaust Brake To Your Diesel Truck

You can rely on your normal brakes or the engine brake to slow and stop your vehicle, but these two brakes aren't always the most efficient. When overworked, they can wear down quickly. To boost their slowing and stopping power, owners of diesel-powered trucks can install an exhaust brake on their vehicle. An exhaust brake can help slow down your vehicle, regardless of its size or weight. It can handle the challenge of sustained heavy breaking much better than normal brakes. Let's check out some reasons to add an exhaust brake to your diesel truck and go more in-depth about how an exhaust brake functions.

What's an Exhaust Brake?

You can retrofit your vehicle's exhaust system with an external supplemental braking system, hence the name "exhaust brake". An exhaust brake works by trapping pressure in the exhaust system. The backpressure that this creates forces the engine to rotate more slowly. Normally, the pistons will travel upwards in their cylinder bore and force spent exhaust gasses out of the exhaust valve. When the exhaust brake is applied and the butterfly valve is partially closed, a significant amount of additional force is needed to push the exhaust gasses out from the engine. The additional force is what slows down the engine's rotational speed. As the engine slows, the vehicle starts to decelerate.

What are the Benefits of an Exhaust Brake?

There are plenty of reasons to add an exhaust brake to your diesel truck. An exhaust brake is a worthwhile safety enhancement for your diesel-powered vehicle. It comes with a variety of benefits, including:

  • provides engine braking to assist with deceleration
  • controls downhill vehicle speed
  • reduces brake heat
  • reduces brake wear
  • a greater braking reserve for the conventional brake system
  • is completely silent
  • increased lifespan of normal brakes

Will an Exhaust Brake Work With My Vehicle?

Regardless of your vehicle's size, weight, or other characteristics, you should be able to install an exhaust brake. If you own a heavier vehicle or a vehicle that's frequently used for towing or hauling, you can greatly benefit from the addition of an exhaust brake. Once it’s installed, it’ll make your vehicle safer and more secure on the road and reduce the likelihood of an accident. There are different types of exhaust brakes that you can choose from, each with their own unique properties and advantages. You can get a brake system that's manual, where the driver actuates the brake, or automatic, where the vehicle computer controls the brake's operation.

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