Truck Mods That Won’t Void Your Warranty

Posted on August 06 2021

Truck Mods That Won’t Void Your Warranty

Truck Mods That Won’t Void Your Warranty

Want to boost your truck's performance or appearance but are worried about inadvertently voiding your manufacturer's warranty in the process? Lucky for you, there are plenty of mods that keep your warranty intact. Here are some safe truck mods that won't void your warranty.

Performance Module

Unlike performance tuners, performance modules won't void your warranty. This is because they don't leave behind any trace of modification. Since the manufacturers won't be able to prove that you altered the ECU, they’ll have no legal grounds to void your warranty.

Modules can improve your truck's horsepower, torque, fuel economy, drivability, and more. This makes them not just a safe mod, but also a cost-friendly and effective one.

Suspension System

Most mods to the suspension system are a safe bet. You can safely replace the coilovers, springs, and shocks, for example. Replacing these parts can improve your truck's drivability dramatically, especially on rough terrain, when turning corners, and at high speeds.

Cat-Back Exhaust

The cat-back exhaust is a series of components that exhaust gasses pass through after leaving the catalytic converter. Installing a new cat-back exhaust is easy and comes with plenty of benefits—a boost in horsepower, better fuel economy, and a cool revving sound. The best part? This mod won't compromise your warranty.

Exterior Mods

The final truck mod that won't void your warranty is anything that changes the exterior. The reasons that some mods void your warranty is because manufacturers can claim that they're the cause of breakdowns, failures, and other car troubles.

Because exterior mods don't mess with the internal parts of the vehicle, manufacturers can't void your warranty because of them (unless you seriously botch them up). That means you can get a roof wrap, install vanity plates, tint your windows, and more without fear.

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