Engine Modifications That Improve Performance

Posted on June 16 2021

Engine Modifications That Improve Performance

Engine Modifications That Improve Performance

Is your vehicle not achieving the performance or fuel efficiency that you'd like? If so, it would help to consider modifying the engine. There are many ways to tweak and modify your engine, and you can achieve some impressive results by doing so. In fact, there's a bustling community built around modifying cars. If you're a total newbie to working on vehicles, this all may be news to you. Luckily, we're here to break down several engine modifications that improve performance.

A Turbocharger for Added Horsepower

If you're not getting enough power out of your vehicle, an option might be to add a turbocharger. A turbocharger works like this:

        A turbocharger has two sides. One side is the turbine(hot side), the other is the compressor(cool side). The turbine has a housing around it that directs exhaust gasses onto the blades of the turbine, causing it to spin extremely fast.  A shaft connects the turbine to the compressor.  As the turbine spins the shaft, the compressor wheel spins as well.   The spinning action of the compressor wheel sucks ambient air in and compresses it, creating boost.

A Performance Module for Your Truck

Do you drive a truck that's a notorious for terrible fuel mileage? Are you sick and tired of paying way too much for gasoline? If so, it would be best to buy a performance module. This mod will alter the signal that goes to your ECM, resulting in better fuel efficiency. You'll also see an added benefit in the form of more horsepower. A diesel performance module will give your truck more strategies for increasing fuel efficiency. A performance module is a must-have if you want to enjoy reasonable gas mileage from your powerful truck.

Reducing the Weight

If you want to drastically increase your car's speed, you need to reduce its weight. It's fundamental physics—things that weigh less can move faster. You'll enjoy lots of benefits from weight reduction, including:

  • Enhanced speed
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Better aerodynamics

You can reduce the weight by switching out heavy parts for more lightweight ones.

Those are our picks for the top engine modifications that improve performance. Here at Dr. Performance, we're renowned for our engine modification parts. In particular, we offer top-quality Chevy Duramax aftermarket parts. Come and shop our full line of diesel performance products, including modules and replacement parts!

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