Are Performance Chips Stackable With Tuners?

Posted on September 29 2021

Are Performance Chips Stackable With Tuners?

Are Performance Chips Stackable With Tuners?

When you want your truck to be a powerhouse, there are few things better than performance chips and program tuners. Not only do these parts allow you to customize how your diesel engine performs, but they can also set parameters for you to control it better. However, if you’re considering using these components together to double the impact, you might want to think again. Read on to learn the answer to the question, “Are performance chips are stackable with tuners?” Here, you’ll see how stacking them can affect your vehicle.

Changes in Performance

To start, installing a chip or tuner means that you’ll see a change in how your engine runs. From increasing fuel economy to providing you with more torque, there’s no end to the benefits these plug-ins bring. But installing them together can cause them to interfere with one another, negating one, or both, of their settings. Therefore, you might even experience a decline in your truck’s abilities in this situation.

The Condition of Your Truck

Installing tuners and chips over each other can also affect your truck’s condition. Since these modules will start working against the other’s preferences, they can put additional strain on your engine and result in vehicle damage. The extra pressure generated from inconsistent fuel timing can blow your head gaskets and inhibit your engine’s ability to start.

Adjustment of Stock Calibration

Tuners and chips also clash with a truck’s default calibration. Every model comes set with its own stock settings for engine performance. Modules function by tapping into those settings and slightly altering them. This is what allows these plug-ins to meet your needs. But with two of them plugged into the same area, you can create a bug in the vehicle’s computer and delete those default settings.

So, if you’re wondering whether performance chips are stackable with tuners, the answer is no. While chips and tuners work well individually, they have lots of areas in their programming that overlap with one another. This can interfere with how each of them performs and even cause damage to your truck in the process. Because of this, we recommend that you install only one of these modules at a time.

If you’re in the market for the perfect chip to beef up your truck’s power and overall performance, Dr. Performance has just what you’re looking for. Our Ford Powerstroke performance parts help improve diesel engine power, torque, and fuel economy by adjusting fuel pressure. Best of all, you can install them yourself in your spare time, saving you from a trip to the mechanic.

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