Cummins 6.7L Ram Cab & Chassis Injectors 305HP 2010.5-2012

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      We offer four power levels of injectors for the 2010.5-2012 RAM Cab & Chassis Cummins:

      • 100% New Bosch Injectors Stock (No remanufactured parts)
      • New Bosch Injectors +50HP
      • New Twister Series Injectors +35HP
      • New Twister Series Injectors +90HP

            One of the most common mistakes people make when buying injectors is buying injectors with remanufactured parts.  If the body of the injector is worn past a certain specification, you can not rebuild the injector.  When injector failure occurs, the injector jams in the open position allowing a huge excess of fuel to enter the cylinder.  This can cause catastrophic failures, sometimes even blowing a hole through a piston.

            Injectors are crucial to the efficiency and power of a diesel engine.  When injectors wear out, they can cause all kinds of problems.  Injectors are an engineered mechanism and are designed to handle extreme pressures (up to 29,000 psi). At those pressures, they eventually fail.  Injector failure can be diagnosed by suffering fuel economy, loss of power, excessive black, white, or gray smoke. Seeing those signs tells you that you might need a new set of injectors.

           Let DrPerformanceRx take care of all your injector needs; whether you're building a Sled pull truck, or just maintaining your daily driver, we have what you need.  We stand behind our product and put our customers first.  All of our brand new Bosch injectors come with a 1-year/Unlimited mile warranty.  If you are looking for longevity and mileage give our Twister Series a try.  We offer an unmatched warranty of 300,000 miles or 3-years on our Twister Series!

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    • Variant: 100% New Bosch - Stock(Set of 6)
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    • Weight: 15.0 lb
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