Ecodiesel 3.0L Injectors 2014-2019

$3,200.00 $3,500.00

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      Injectors are crucial to the efficiency of a diesel engine.  When injectors wear out they can cause all kinds of problems in a diesel engine.  Injectors are extremely engineered mechanisms and are designed to handle extreme pressures (up to 25,000 psi). At those pressures, they are going to fail eventually.  Injector failure varies in severity, but can be diagnosed when there's suffering mileage, loss of power, excessive black, white or gray smoke. If you're seeing any of these signs, you might need a new set of injectors.

      Our injectors are brand new Bosch injectors that are 100% brand new. Many cheaper injectors use remanufactured bodies and claim they aren't remans, but with Dr Performance, you can be guaranteed that you're purchasing 100% brand new injectors of the highest quality.

      If you have any questions about your injectors, give us a call any time for more information at (800) 406-5257.

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