Duramax LWN 2.8L Injectors 2016-2019

$1,700.00 $3,500.00

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       Injectors are available in 4 power levels:

      • Stock Injectors
      • +25HP
      • Twisted Series +35HP
      • Twisted Series +50HP

      A true Bosch Hardened Alloy Body Injector.  New Injectors are exposed to extremely high pressures(around 30,000 psi) and therefore will wear out.  Most people will start to notice a lack of power, mileage suffering, hard starts, white smoke, or excessive black smoke when injectors are going out.  With the Hardened Alloy Body, the Twister Series injector will last much longer than an OEM injector.  Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs or Remans they will not last!

              Now that we've covered the body of the injector, lets talk about the nozzles.  The nozzle has 6-8 holes at a certain angle.  Depending on the amount of holes, size and configuration you can have different results with different nozzles.  We have patented of own nozzle called the Twister Series.  We have done an ISO 9001 Fuel Consumption Test on his Twister Series Injectors with a 21% gain average and a 28% gain high.

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