Cummins 5.9L 12V Injectors 200HP 1994-1998 (Set of 6) – Dr Performance RX

Cummins 5.9L 12V Injectors 200HP 1994-1998 (Set of 6)

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100% Brand New Bosch Injectors in 4 different power levels:

        These are not remanufactured.  Our stock injectors are brand new Bosch injectors with updated bodies.  We can calibrate stock injectors for upto 50 HP gain.  Twister Series injectors are engineered for longevity and mileage.  Enjoy peace of mind with a 300,000 mile warranty on our Twister Series!

      Dodge introduced the Cummins power plant in 1989.  Rated at 160 hp these engines used a rotary style VE Bosch pump.  In 1994 Dodge upgraded to the P7100 Bosch pump.  These pumps are easily able to achieve pressures of over 15,000 psi.  At these pressures your injectors are going to wear out.  WORN OUT INJECTORS will decrease your fuel mileage and power.  Some signs of your injectors going out are:

  • Excessive black smoke
  • White or blue smoke on start-up
  • Idle surge
  • Poor mileage
  • Under-powered
  • Hard starts (Extended Cranks)

   **You will need to upgrade turbo for +50HP, and +90HP injectors**