How To Install a Performance Chip

Adding a performance module to your truck means you’re adding a device that changes the way the computer in your truck control some of its operations. Adjusting the way that your truck’s computer runs your engine allows you to maximize its fuel efficiency and increase power in the RPMs that you spend most of your time driving in. While increasing RPMs seems to be everyone’s goal, the real goal is maximizing the fuel efficiency within the normal range of your RPMs while driving. Your truck can go higher into the RPMs, but you don’t need it to in order for it to be more powerful. In addition to bringing your truck’s performance to the level it was designed to, our modules will not void your warranty. The Dr. PerformanceRx modules are undetectable, which means that if something happens to your truck, the dealer cannot refuse to service your truck because of a voided warranty. So, you get the proper power of your truck and you can still have your truck serviced when necessary.

How To Install a Performance Chip | Module Install Videos

  • Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7L 2013-2018
  • A how to install a performance chip video showing you exactly how to install our diesel performance modules on your Dodge Ram Cummins. We’ve made it easy for you to feel confident when installing our performance chips and ensure your trust that our module will give you the best results.
  • Ford Powerstroke 6.7L 2011-2019
  • Watch our how-to video showing you the simple steps for performance chip installation. Our instructions are easy to read and give you the confidence to install your module with ease. You can trust that you’re giving your Ford Powerstroke the best equipment to keep on trucking.

Learn how to install our diesel performance modules on your truck. Our instructions are simple, but the performance they unlock is almost hard to believe! Order with us today and prepare to feel the difference that a performance tune from Dr. PerformanceRx can make. Increase your HP, torque, and throttle response right away.