Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7L 2013-2018



What you will need:

Dr. Performance Module
Long Flathead Screwdriver
Adjustable wrench
15 minutes of your time





    Injector Harnesses:

    Locate the (2) injectors harness plugs on the driver's side of the valve cover on the top of the engine. The connections are labeled: "Flywheel harness" for the rear and "Engine harness" for the front connections. 



    Disconnect the injection harness plug located near the firewall of the truck. This should be paired with the “flywheel” section of the module’s harness. Repeat the same steps for the “engine fan” section of the module’s harness, but with the plug thats closer to the front of the engine 


    *You may require a small screwdriver to release the connector retaining tab. If using a screwdriver to release the locking tab, GENTLY slide into lock and push it towards the valve cover to disengage.


    Power Terminals

    Make sure to sort the harness wires in a way that keeps them from being damaged or tangled
    Once the harness plugs are all connected you can connect the red wire to the positive terminal and black wire to the negative terminal of the driver's side battery. You may need an adjustable wrench to attach the rings to the battery terminals


    Warning!!! Do not apply terminals backwards it will damage the module.


    Module Installation

    Take your Dr Performance Module and plug the main connector into side as seen below. Once the connector is plugged in, mount the module with the zipties included in your kit. Make sure its mounted in a secure location where it wont be damaged by heat or moving parts. 



    Selector Switch

    The selector switch plugs into the small white connector coming off of the module’s main harness.

    The dial going clockwise: Off - Low - Medium - High
    Low: Towing heavy and low traction situations Medium: Moderate towing and ideal for everyday driving situations High: Maximum performance - ideal for empty highway cruising
    The switch must remain plugged in to stay in the desired setting. You can run the switch into the cab or keep it tied up under the hood. Leave in one setting as much as possible