Duramax LWN 2.8L Colorado/Canyon Performance Module 2016-2019

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      With Dr. Performance modules, you’ll feel the difference in power right away!

      • Quickly increase your engine’s horsepower, throttle response, and torque.
      • This module will give you more power when you’re towing.
      • Dr. Performance chips leave NO footprint on your ECM, which means it won’t void your warranty.
      • Uses only OEM connectors for true “plug-and-play” setup!

      The increases you will see in torque and horsepower are designed to be more usable than the gains created by most other diesel modules. We are most interested in created usable power for your truck — across the power band and in the speed and gears where you will notice the most significant differences. While most modules are content to increase power higher in the RPMs, most of us drive at significantly lower RPMs, which is where this module has increased torque and power! Order one for your 2016-2019 Colorado, Canyon Duramax diesel today! You can always trust Dr. PerformanceRx for the best diesel engine tuning around. 

      You will see:

      • An increase of up to 60 horsepower at the rear wheels
      • Up to 35 percent more torque at the rear wheels
      • Increased fuel mileage
      • Less cylinder wash
      • More Throttle Response

      All Dr. Performance Modules come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, as well as a limited lifetime warranty*

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        • Variant: Duramax LWN 2.8L Colorado/Canyon Selectable - Switch Included 2016-2019
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        • Weight: 1.0 lb
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        • Brand: Dr Performance