Ford Powerstroke 6.7L Performance Module 2020-2022

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      Get the most out of your Ford Powerstroke 6.7L with this diesel performance module!

      • Increase torque by up to 120 ft lbs without leaving an imprint on your ECU.
      • Built for use on 6.7L engines in 2020 Ford trucks.
      • Increase your fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent and add 35 percent more torque!
      • Incredibly easy to use thanks to our OEM plugs.

      Most diesel companies claim they can add mileage by tuning your diesel. However, the usual case is extreme over fueling and tons of black smoke. Black smoke equals unburned fuel, which brings the next question. How can adding more fuel equate to better fuel mileage? It can’t. Dr PerformanceRX safely adds power and torque by adjusting fuel pressure, which will cause the injector to increase fuel atomization efficiency. As the atomization efficiency increases so does your power and mileage. You do not need to remove any of your emissions systems. The module will not void your warranty and never goes above stock safety parameters. Order your Ford Powerstroke 6.7L performance module today and feel the difference!

      • Available with Selectable 30-60-90HP Module

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      Benefits Include:

    • Emissions friendly

    • Less cylinder wash

    • Smoother running engine

    • Stackable with other tuners

    • No increase in exhaust temperatures


    • Do Dr. Performance Modules Come with a Warranty?
    • All Dr. Performance Modules come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. As well as a limited lifetime warranty*


      • How does Dr. Performance measure their Horsepower and Torque Statistics? 

        Dr. Performance measures directly at the rear wheels where performance on the road is easily noticed.

      • Will it damage my transmission?

        No. Dr. Performance Series Modules will actually give you a smoother and cleaner running powertrain, and in many cases will improve transmission performance due to not needing to shift down as often. Finally, Dr. Performance Modules will not over-ride safety parameters. 

      • Can my Dr. Performance Module be reprogrammed with future modifications?

        Yes. Our engineers keep discovering new and exciting ways to unleash even more power and torque for stock and modified trucks.

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    • Variant: 6.7L Selectable 30-60-90HP Module
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