Q: Will it damage my transmission?
A: No. Dr. Performance Pro Performance Modules will actually give you a smoother and cleaner running powertrain, and in many cases will improve transmission performance due to not needing to shift down as often. Dr. Performance Modules do not over-ride safety parameters.


Q: Do I need gauges or any other modifications?
A: Nope! Unlike some modifications that require monitoring devices, the Dr. Performance module works within your trucks factory safety parameters. Our module is designed to work on completely stock trucks.

Q: How hard is it to install?
A: Not hard at all! Most our modules can be installed in 20 minutes or less with little to no tools required. Our modules use factory OEM plugs and plug inline with the fuel pressure sensor and on some models the boost sensor as well. Installation varies from truck to truck, but all can be installed yourself with little to no mechanical knowledge. All modules come included with detailed installation instructions with pictures. We also have all installation instructions here. We are available 24/7 via phone if you run into any issues! (800) 406-5257


Q: Is it safe to tow with?

A: Absolutely! If anything, one might argue that it’s safer to tow with our module. With our module you can tow as you normally would. Make sure to use your trucks tow/haul mode when in tow!


Q: How much power will I actually gain?
A: On average we see gains of 30-90 hp to the wheels and up to 120 lb-ft of torque. Keep in mind these modules provide functional low to midrange power in the daily driving and towing RPM range. A dyno measures power at wide open throttle – it doesn’t measure daily driving improvements like rolling into the throttle and holding gears better. These modules make a difference in the 99% of driving situations when you aren’t at wide open throttle.


Q: Why should I get a module instead of a tuner?

A: Different strokes for different folks! If you are looking to turn your truck into race car, maybe a tuner is better suited for. Tuners focus on top end power. Our module focuses on the low to mid-range RPMs where most all of your driving is spent. Tuners flash your ECM, void your warranty, and produce additional wear and tear on your engine. The Dr. Performance Module is a safe way to gain power all without sacrificing your warranty.