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Nitro Flash Duramax Programmer 2003-2010

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Nitro flash is a programmer for adding horsepower and torque to Chevy or GMC LB7(2003-2004), LLY(2004.5-2005)LBZ(2005-2007) and LMM(2007-2010) Duramax engines.  This tuner is designed to let you choose how much power you would like to add to your engine. Every Nitro Flash Tuner is pre-loaded with 5 different tunes; 40hp 60lb-ft, 60hp 105lb-ft, 80hp 135lb-ft, 90hp 155lb-ft, 100hp 175lb-ft.  This allows you to change your desired power setting without having to send your tuner to a shop to load a new tune for you everytime.  Extra features of Nitro Flash Tuners:

  • Change Speed Limiter.  Able to limit speed 40mph-200mph.
  • Change Tire Size 25.00"-44.75".  Allows accurate odometer readings.
  • Change Axle Ratio.  Selecting correct ratio allows accurate odometer readings.
  • PF Regeneration(LMM only).  Allows a forced regeneration of the vehicle.  This will clean the Diesel Particulate Filter.  This might be needed if vehicle doesn't exceed speeds of 50MPH for at 20-30 minutes at a time.
  • Trans Reset.  Allows you to reset the TCM(Transmission Control Module)
  • Data Feed.  Allows a real-time view of all engines parameters. 
  • Clear DTC's.  If you have a check engine light, you will be able to see what the code is, and you will be able to clear the code.