Lifetime Code Revisions - Find The Codes You Need For The Best Power | Dr. Performance – Dr Performance RX


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Make sure you have the latest and greatest module updates from Dr. Performance!
  • This add-on is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to have the newest updates.
  • Keep your diesel engine functioning as well as it can with these performance updates.
  • Dr. Performance is dedicated to providing updates for as long as possible.
Stay up to date with the newest code revisions as they are released. This upgrade is good for as long as Dr. Performance offers updates for your current diesel performance module! When you purchase this add-on, you are grandfathered in for all updates on whichever module you buy, meaning that when we find a way to add more power or up your miles-per-gallon, you can get it without paying extra every time.
  • It is as simple as sending the module back to us anytime we come out with revisions and we will update the software and send it back to you.
  • Continue following us on Facebook & our blog/website for announcements on new code revisions.