Cummins 5.9L Injectors 305HP 2003-2004 – Dr Performance RX

Cummins 5.9L Injectors 305HP 2003-2004

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      We offer 4 HP levels of injectors:

  • 100% New Bosch Stock
  • 100% New Bosch +50HP
  • Twisted Series Hardened Body +35HP
  • Twisted Series Hardened Body +90HP

      Our Twisted Series Injectors are custom built on Marine Hardened Alloy bodies designed for better mileage and longevity. That makes them 100% new, unlike most 'new' injectors that are using remanufactured bodies.  We offer a 3 year/300,000 mile warranty on these injectors.  Please call 1-855-377-7924 for quotes on custom builds.

      Injectors are crucial to the efficiency of a diesel engine.  When injectors wear out they will cause catastrophic damage to a diesel engine.  Injector failure can cause damage to the piston (even burn a hole through it in severe cases) by burning metal off of the piston cup.  The metal then travels throughout the engine and turbo and continues to cause more damage.  Injectors are engineered and designed to handle extreme pressures (up to 25,000 psi) but at those pressures they will fail eventually.  When mileage begins to suffer, power drops off, or the truck starts to excessively smoke black, white or gray, you're seeing signs that you might need a new set of injectors.