RAM CUMMINS 6.7L Performance Module 2013-2018

$650.00 $800.00

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      Increase your torque and horsepower with Dr.PerformanceRx Module today.

      • Dr. Performance modules are undetectable by the ECU, so your warranty will NOT be voided.
      • You can see up to 90 horsepower at the rear wheels as well as a 100-ft lbs of torque!
      • This chip will help make towing easier and more efficient.
      • Our diesel performance chip is easy to install thanks to OEM connectors!

      At Dr. Performance, we are all about unlocking the potential already contained inside of the powerful Cummins engines. The 6.7L diesel has a lot of potential but, lazy fuel mapping has left some wanting more power. Our performance modules unlock that power so you can drive your truck with maximum confidence! Shop with us now or check out our FAQ page if you have other questions.

      With one of our chips, you may see:

      • Less cylinder wash
      • No exhaust temperature increases
      • Lower EGTs
      • 10 percent increase in fuel mileage
      • Longer engine life

      All Dr. Performance Modules come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, as well as a limited lifetime warranty*

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      Need more information? Check our FAQs page.

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