RAM 1500 Eco Diesel 3.0L Performance Module 2014-2019

$600.00 $700.00

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      Unleash the power of your RAM's EcoDiesel Engine with assistance from Dr. Performance!

      • These mods do not leave a fingerprint on your ECM, which means they DO NOT void your warranty!
      • You can see up to 60 extra horsepower and a 35 percent increase in torque at the rear wheels!
      • Make towing easier thanks to extra power in the RPM range where you normally drive.
      • This module installs quickly thanks to OEM connectors.

      At Dr. Performance, we unlock the potential of your engine in a way that many other diesel tunes don’t. Instead of focusing on high-end, high-RPM power, we increase the torque and HP of your engine in the RPM range that you spend most of your driving time in. This makes your engine more responsive and delivers the power you need to tow. Order from us today or give us a call with any questions (800)406-5257.

      This module can help:

      • Increase fuel mileage by up to 10 percent.
      • Make your engine run more Efficient.
      • Lower EGTs
      • Reduce cylinder wash.

      All Dr. Performance Modules come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, as well as a limited lifetime warranty*

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